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How and When to Gift Engraved Picture Frames
Posted Sep 20 2017
There are essentially two times when you might consider getting personalized picture frames: when you are having a major life event or when you are helping someone else celebrate one of theirs. Whether you are looking for individual or wholesale picture frames online, there are a few important things to consider.
Events and Information
Many major life events get scheduled well ahead of time, but some things are not set “in stone” until they actually happen. It’s not a good idea, for example, to pre-purchase frames engraved with a baby’s name and birthday. The baby could come early, or the parents could change its name at the last minute. Other events, like graduations, are ones where you could safely plan on giving the extended family personalized frames at the graduation party. Once you know what kind of event you are dealing with, you will need to decide on the frame style and what information to include. There are a lot of styles to choose from, and depending on how much you want to engrave their prices may change. Generally, names, dates, event titles, or quotes are popular choices, but keep in mind the space you will have to work with.
Before the Event
If you’re sure of the event details, or are at least sure of the information you want to include, you can go ahead and get your wholesale personalized picture frames before the event. That way, you can either give out the empty frames as party favors for event attendees to fill with their own pictures, or you can get copies of an important picture, like senior photos, and give your guests the complete package. If you’re looking to give the host of an event a personalized frame, make doubly sure to stick to information that won’t change.
After the Event
The most popular time to get engravable picture frames online is after a major life event has happened. A birth, for example, is an instance when everyone and their cousin is going to want a picture of the bundle of joy. Make that experience extra special for them by including a personalized picture frame with the important details. You don’t have to include pounds and ounces, but you certainly can. Remember that these frames are going to go up in prominent places in the homes of your friends and family, and you want to remind them how important it is that they share these life moments with you.